Wayne & Loren Pre-Wedding Shoot, Rushden Hall Park, Northants

Loren & Wayne decided to have their prewedding shoot at Rushden Hall Park because it is somewhere they regularly go to walk their much loved dogs Fraggle & Bug.  Rushden Park is so beautiful during Autumn that Wayne & Loren had even considered it as a wedding venue option although their heart eventually rested on another spectacular venue, Brampton Grange.

I  first met Wayne & Loren at their home earlier in the year and was introduced to their dogs then.  These canine friends are so important to this couple that they have decided their dogs will be coming with them on their wedding day too.

Our pre-wedding shoot took place on a super chilly morning.  By early November, Autumn has often peaked and the trees start to lose their leaves however with all the great weather in the lead up to their shoot, Rushden Hall Park was still a mix of fabulous oranges and reds with berries out too.

Loren and Wayne have not long moved into their new home so they had been out the night before to discover the night life in their new local area.  Still fresh faced the following morning, Loren and Wayne showed me around all the best parts of the park.  I’d definitely like to come back here again for another shoot.  What a gem!

With a nip in the air we went to grab a hot drink to go over all the final details of their wedding plans and I was off back home to get planning.  I’ve been to see Wayne and Loren’s wedding venue this week and I can’t wait to go back soon for the main event.  xx




Becky & Jamie’s Pre-Wedding Session, Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes

Becky and Jamie met 5 years ago at an impromptu gathering at a friends house and hit it off straight away.  From that moment on, they have been pretty much inseparable.

We got together for this couple’s pre wedding shoot when Becky was not long back from her cocktail making hen.  It sounded like fun, although Becky couldn’t give me any cocktail making tips because her memories of that night are a little fuzzy 😉

We met at Caldecotte Lake just a few weeks back to take some prewedding photos of this lovely couple to capture part of the build up to their wedding celebrations.  It was my plan to meet right round the back of the lake so we could get off the beaten track a little bit and avoid too many crowds.  A fabulous plan indeed… but Becky’s sandal had other plans and gave way while in the middle of nowhere just 5 minutes into the shoot!  Lucky for us all that Becky says she prefers barefoot and we were good to carry on… albeit mostly on the grass.  Yay!

Also at one with nature was Jamie who knew the area well.  As a keen fisherman, he was right at home in this beautiful lakeside setting and was able to peer into the water and see what he might have been able to catch if he had brought his rod with him.

Both Becky and Jamie admit that the wedding butterflies are just beginning to set in, which is really lovely because it shows how much their coming wedding means to them.  So excited to see you both on your big day xx

Richard & Annette Pre-Wedding Shoot, Bromham, Beds

Annette & Richard have known each other since they were little.  Their families are friends so they would run into each other from time to time when everyone got together for celebrations.  They dated for a while as teenagers but decided to go back to being friends while they went off and did all the usual growing up stuff teenagers do.  And good friends they remained for a few years before realising once again, that what they felt for one another was more than just friendship.  Richard decided to take a chance and ask Annette out for a date.

The date of their wedding day will be 6 years to the day since they went on that date and they have never looked back.  With a lovely home, a dog and a bright and happy 20 month old daughter, this couple are in a really good place.

Annette wanted to do their pre-wedding shoot in a little meadow in Bromham which is near to their home.  Richard and Annette often take their little family on walks through this pretty meadow which is currently budding with early signs of Autumn already.

Annette and Richard had been to see a few wedding venues but kept coming back the The Barns Hotel for their wedding celebrations. They are going for an Autumy feel with lots of rustic and wicker styling which will sit perfectly with the setting at the Barns Hotel.

Happy wedding planning guys, and I will see you very soon xx

Jenny & Mike’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Haversham, Milton Keynes

Jenny & Mike both live in London these days but will be having their wedding in Milton Keynes.  In order to pick a good date in the diary for their pre-wedding shoot we decided to co-ordinate with at date when Jenny and Mike would be visiting the church to speak to the vicar in the morning and then going for Jenny’s wedding dress fitting in the afternoon. It was all planned to precision but I was woken in the early hours to the sounds of rain throwing itself against my bedroom windows.  Booo 😦

Desperate to meet up we stuck with the plan so we could go over all Jenny & Mikes plans and make any additional notes needed for their big day.  As it turned out, they got held up with the vicar which actually worked out well for us because by the time we got together, the rain had stopped and by the time I’d packed away all the paperwork and notes the sun was actually out!  We nipped out along the river in Haversham and got snapping!  I like to take my time on a shoot to allow the couple to get use to it gently and in a relaxed way, but this one turned out to be a mini micro shoot because 15 minutes in, down came the rain again and we had to run for cover.  I think Jenny and Mike were so lovely to throw everything in to such an adhoc session and they didn’t even complain when they got soaked!  I think their fun and cheerful nature comes across in their images and we ended up with a lovely collection of shots.

This clever couple have designed their own website to tell their guests everything they could possibly need to know about their gorgeous autumnal wedding.  There is even a cute little timeline of their journey and how their paths very briefly crossed twice before and how they FINALLY became an item 6 years ago.

My favourite snippet from their timeline taken from their website: Jen and her housemates  hold a fancy dress birthday party. Matt brings Mike along. Fuelled by White Lightning, they have a moment in the kitchen, but someone (Clare) walks in and the moment ends.  They don’t see each other again for years. Until…”  …Well we all know how that story turned out.  I will see you both very soon for the next chapter in your wonderful lives xx ❤ xx

Sam & James Pre-Wedding Shoot, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

Sam & James booked their wedding photography coverage with me back in 2014 and they have been busy ever since with their big plans for their day.

These two have such fabulous style and were really fun to shoot.  They were both so comfortable in front of the camera and slotted together very naturally into each others arms whenever we paused in a spot.  James is a keen photographer and I hear Sam is a dab hand with the macro lens too so with a little bit of pressure on me (haha!) we went for a stroll to capture some images.  James & Sam opted for Campbell Park for their pre-wedding shoot as it is a special place they both love to go and I knew that with the lovely Summer evenings we’ve been having, the light would be fantastic.

When getting to know a couple I usually ask them to describe the vibe they are going for with their wedding or if there is a particular theme they’ve chosen.  Well, I can tell you I was not expecting them to share they were planning a dinosaurs and unicorn themed wedding that’s for sure!  James has been spending his evenings bonding with colourful glitter sprays to help create the final effect and I have visions of him turning up for work in the mornings with a little sparkle himself.

I cannot think of 2 things more enchanting and magical fun than dinosaurs and unicorns and I just cannot wait to see the end result.  Even my own children are excitedly waiting to see this one!


Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

It was a glorious Autumnal day when I met up with Carly and Kev for their pre-wedding shoot.

For this shoot, we were blessed with warm and bright sunshine which was low in the sky, meaning that the tall trees with their browning leaves cast dramatic shadows all around us, with little pockets of light teasing though. Tremendous!

Fresh from a meeting at their wedding venue in Newport Pagnell the day before, I was able to talk through their wedding plans and find out more about what they’ve been up to since we last met.

Right from the start, Kev and Carly were both so easy to talk to. Very down to earth, they work hard and also have a young little family to take care of. I met both their boys earlier in the year and we spoke briefly about how excited they were for their mummy and daddy’s wedding. I asked them whether they were planning to look super smart for the occasion, which was met with cute little grins. ❤

The great thing about wedding photography is that it never becomes repetitive because every couple are always so different. They all have their own tastes and talents that they use to put their own spin on their wedding journey. Clearly quite tech savvy, to invite all of their guests and keep track of RSVPs and meal choices, Kev had created a rather neat little interactive invitation system that was delivered straight to the inbox of their guests. Totally personalised to their wedding colours, I felt this was a really unique way to engage guests with their celebration right from the start. How clever is that?

Carly and Kevin were both so game for giving anything a go on this shoot and we ended up walking quite a nice little route which finished up with us staring out from the top of Beacon Hill and trying to identify the local landmarks.

Just at the end of what has been a really bright and (mostly) dry Summer, this meet up made me feel a rush of excitement for shooting in the beauty of the changing seasons and everything that Autumn brings.

With a big family on this guest list, and lots of children in amongst them, I know this will be a very special occasion for all of them which I cannot wait to be a part of. xxx

Chris & Emma’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Stanwick Lakes

I met up with Emma and Chris who will be getting married in just a few weeks time.  On Chris’s suggestion we went to their to-be-wedding-venue for their prewedding photoshoot and I was excited to see the beauty of the place.   I will always go to see a wedding venue before the couple’s wedding day to get the creative juices flowing and learn my way around, but to have the couple here, camera ready at the same time was super nice.

Not often do I get to shoot in the evenings, so I had excitedly gone off to research the best time for that golden light which coincides with the evening’s sun set. I love a good plan but sadly the rain clouds arrived during my journey there and they covered the view of our sunset.  We didn’t get that sunset shot, but it did stay dry long enough to take some lovely shots in the gardens. Sometimes you arrive hoping for one thing but what you actually get is something different that is better.

Chris and Emma were able to show me around and I can see this venue has so much potential inside and out which I am sure their guests will love. In all honesty, it really wouldn’t matter whether they got married here or in their garden, because the energy that Chris and Emma have together would make for a fun and exciting day in any location. Such a nice couple, I’ve enjoyed their company every time I have met them and I wish them every bit of love for their big upcoming day.

Lindsay and John’s Pre-Wedding Shoot Brixworth Country Park

Last time I came to Brixworth Country Park in Northamptonshire I was really impressed. Breathing in the fresh air and looking out across the beauty of the lake, what could possibly go wrong?   And then the rain came, I spent 2 hours getting totally lost and ended up having to get a taxi back to my car! I’m glad I was able to revisit this place for John and Lindsay’s pre-wedding shoot and have a thoroughly rewarding experience. I am back in love with the place again.

John and Lindsay met for the first time 3 years ago while on a night out with friends. They really hit it off and planned to go on a proper date together the following Wednesday but by the very next day they decided they couldn’t wait that long and rescheduled for the Monday. While getting to know each over, they discovered they had lived just 5 minutes away from each other all this time…. And the rest, as they say, was history.

I enjoyed our relaxed photoshoot with Lindsay and John and I’m pleased to report they commented that it really wasn’t as traumatic as they had feared. We were able to explore the area at our leisure and get a good mixture of images of the couple sharing some time together. It was really helpful getting to know them both a bit better in this informal environment and get a feel for how they envisage their wedding day playing out.  I was lucky as Lindsay treated me to a few peeks at some of the details from their wedding.  Its going to be bursting with style all the way!

Looking forward to catching up with John and Lindsay again next month when I capture their wedding day.

Matt and Mandy Pre Wedding Shoot

I met up with Matt and Mandy for their pre wedding shoot in April. We discussed locations and Mandy suggested a we find a little village somewhere to capture some shots. This was a lovely opportunity for me to work a bit closer to home and explore some of the space on my own turf.

We had been enjoying a blissful run of several sunny days in a row so you can imagine our disappointment, when on the day of our meet, we woke to some rather noisy rain showers. Arrggh!! Totally unwelcome and completely contradictory to the weather report I was looking at. However, Mandy was hopeful that we would get our shoot and we agreed to stick with plan A and keep everything crossed.

Mandy was right! I watched the ground dry out and throughout the shoot, the sun come out. What started with Mandy and Matt wrapped up in coats, later became shirt weather. In fact even later in the afternoon when I got home it became Pimms in the garden weather, but that’s another story 😉

Matt and Mandy have been together for quite a few years and have achieved a lot in their relationship already, most preciously, 2 beautiful daughters who I am looking forward to capturing on their wedding day. Between the two of them, they have a rather large family who I’m sure will be looking forward to witnessing them finally tying the knot.

One of my favourite aspects of capturing a wedding where the couple have shared many years together already is that often, many of the guests will have met before. There are shared family members, mutual friends, people that would have probably been on both the bride and the grooms invite list, couples that may even have got together because of them. That’s a lot of unity and support around one couple and a many memories shared.

Matt and Mandy are getting married in Newport Pagnell in just a few weeks time and the couple shoot enabled me to hear more of their wedding plans and get a feel for their day. I shall be going to check out their venue next week so I can get some more ideas. Very exciting! Good Luck Mandy and Matt, see you soon xx