Sam & James Pre-Wedding Shoot, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

Sam & James booked their wedding photography coverage with me back in 2014 and they have been busy ever since with their big plans for their day.

These two have such fabulous style and were really fun to shoot.  They were both so comfortable in front of the camera and slotted together very naturally into each others arms whenever we paused in a spot.  James is a keen photographer and I hear Sam is a dab hand with the macro lens too so with a little bit of pressure on me (haha!) we went for a stroll to capture some images.  James & Sam opted for Campbell Park for their pre-wedding shoot as it is a special place they both love to go and I knew that with the lovely Summer evenings we’ve been having, the light would be fantastic.

When getting to know a couple I usually ask them to describe the vibe they are going for with their wedding or if there is a particular theme they’ve chosen.  Well, I can tell you I was not expecting them to share they were planning a dinosaurs and unicorn themed wedding that’s for sure!  James has been spending his evenings bonding with colourful glitter sprays to help create the final effect and I have visions of him turning up for work in the mornings with a little sparkle himself.

I cannot think of 2 things more enchanting and magical fun than dinosaurs and unicorns and I just cannot wait to see the end result.  Even my own children are excitedly waiting to see this one!


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