Jenny & Mike’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Haversham, Milton Keynes

Jenny & Mike both live in London these days but will be having their wedding in Milton Keynes.  In order to pick a good date in the diary for their pre-wedding shoot we decided to co-ordinate with at date when Jenny and Mike would be visiting the church to speak to the vicar in the morning and then going for Jenny’s wedding dress fitting in the afternoon. It was all planned to precision but I was woken in the early hours to the sounds of rain throwing itself against my bedroom windows.  Booo 😦

Desperate to meet up we stuck with the plan so we could go over all Jenny & Mikes plans and make any additional notes needed for their big day.  As it turned out, they got held up with the vicar which actually worked out well for us because by the time we got together, the rain had stopped and by the time I’d packed away all the paperwork and notes the sun was actually out!  We nipped out along the river in Haversham and got snapping!  I like to take my time on a shoot to allow the couple to get use to it gently and in a relaxed way, but this one turned out to be a mini micro shoot because 15 minutes in, down came the rain again and we had to run for cover.  I think Jenny and Mike were so lovely to throw everything in to such an adhoc session and they didn’t even complain when they got soaked!  I think their fun and cheerful nature comes across in their images and we ended up with a lovely collection of shots.

This clever couple have designed their own website to tell their guests everything they could possibly need to know about their gorgeous autumnal wedding.  There is even a cute little timeline of their journey and how their paths very briefly crossed twice before and how they FINALLY became an item 6 years ago.

My favourite snippet from their timeline taken from their website: Jen and her housemates  hold a fancy dress birthday party. Matt brings Mike along. Fuelled by White Lightning, they have a moment in the kitchen, but someone (Clare) walks in and the moment ends.  They don’t see each other again for years. Until…”  …Well we all know how that story turned out.  I will see you both very soon for the next chapter in your wonderful lives xx ❤ xx

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