Richard & Annette Pre-Wedding Shoot, Bromham, Beds

Annette & Richard have known each other since they were little.  Their families are friends so they would run into each other from time to time when everyone got together for celebrations.  They dated for a while as teenagers but decided to go back to being friends while they went off and did all the usual growing up stuff teenagers do.  And good friends they remained for a few years before realising once again, that what they felt for one another was more than just friendship.  Richard decided to take a chance and ask Annette out for a date.

The date of their wedding day will be 6 years to the day since they went on that date and they have never looked back.  With a lovely home, a dog and a bright and happy 20 month old daughter, this couple are in a really good place.

Annette wanted to do their pre-wedding shoot in a little meadow in Bromham which is near to their home.  Richard and Annette often take their little family on walks through this pretty meadow which is currently budding with early signs of Autumn already.

Annette and Richard had been to see a few wedding venues but kept coming back the The Barns Hotel for their wedding celebrations. They are going for an Autumy feel with lots of rustic and wicker styling which will sit perfectly with the setting at the Barns Hotel.

Happy wedding planning guys, and I will see you very soon xx

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