Matt and Mandy Pre Wedding Shoot

I met up with Matt and Mandy for their pre wedding shoot in April. We discussed locations and Mandy suggested a we find a little village somewhere to capture some shots. This was a lovely opportunity for me to work a bit closer to home and explore some of the space on my own turf.

We had been enjoying a blissful run of several sunny days in a row so you can imagine our disappointment, when on the day of our meet, we woke to some rather noisy rain showers. Arrggh!! Totally unwelcome and completely contradictory to the weather report I was looking at. However, Mandy was hopeful that we would get our shoot and we agreed to stick with plan A and keep everything crossed.

Mandy was right! I watched the ground dry out and throughout the shoot, the sun come out. What started with Mandy and Matt wrapped up in coats, later became shirt weather. In fact even later in the afternoon when I got home it became Pimms in the garden weather, but that’s another story 😉

Matt and Mandy have been together for quite a few years and have achieved a lot in their relationship already, most preciously, 2 beautiful daughters who I am looking forward to capturing on their wedding day. Between the two of them, they have a rather large family who I’m sure will be looking forward to witnessing them finally tying the knot.

One of my favourite aspects of capturing a wedding where the couple have shared many years together already is that often, many of the guests will have met before. There are shared family members, mutual friends, people that would have probably been on both the bride and the grooms invite list, couples that may even have got together because of them. That’s a lot of unity and support around one couple and a many memories shared.

Matt and Mandy are getting married in Newport Pagnell in just a few weeks time and the couple shoot enabled me to hear more of their wedding plans and get a feel for their day. I shall be going to check out their venue next week so I can get some more ideas. Very exciting! Good Luck Mandy and Matt, see you soon xx

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