Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

It was a glorious Autumnal day when I met up with Carly and Kev for their pre-wedding shoot.

For this shoot, we were blessed with warm and bright sunshine which was low in the sky, meaning that the tall trees with their browning leaves cast dramatic shadows all around us, with little pockets of light teasing though. Tremendous!

Fresh from a meeting at their wedding venue in Newport Pagnell the day before, I was able to talk through their wedding plans and find out more about what they’ve been up to since we last met.

Right from the start, Kev and Carly were both so easy to talk to. Very down to earth, they work hard and also have a young little family to take care of. I met both their boys earlier in the year and we spoke briefly about how excited they were for their mummy and daddy’s wedding. I asked them whether they were planning to look super smart for the occasion, which was met with cute little grins. ❤

The great thing about wedding photography is that it never becomes repetitive because every couple are always so different. They all have their own tastes and talents that they use to put their own spin on their wedding journey. Clearly quite tech savvy, to invite all of their guests and keep track of RSVPs and meal choices, Kev had created a rather neat little interactive invitation system that was delivered straight to the inbox of their guests. Totally personalised to their wedding colours, I felt this was a really unique way to engage guests with their celebration right from the start. How clever is that?

Carly and Kevin were both so game for giving anything a go on this shoot and we ended up walking quite a nice little route which finished up with us staring out from the top of Beacon Hill and trying to identify the local landmarks.

Just at the end of what has been a really bright and (mostly) dry Summer, this meet up made me feel a rush of excitement for shooting in the beauty of the changing seasons and everything that Autumn brings.

With a big family on this guest list, and lots of children in amongst them, I know this will be a very special occasion for all of them which I cannot wait to be a part of. xxx

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