Emma & Chris’ Courtyard Hotel, Stanwick, Northamptonshire Wedding

Emma & Chris’s wedding day came round super fast. It only seems like yesterday that they popped over to make some initial enquiries and I had a little newborn in my arms. Nappy changes aren’t part of my usual client meetings but this one had already been postponed once due to this bundles arrival so we were keen to get chatting and Emma and Chris were so relaxed and lovely that they made it a breeze.

I guess that information doesn’t seems massively relevant to the story of Chris and Emma’s day, but in my head, their journey has coincided with such a big milestone in my life, that the build up to their wedding feels like it goes hand in hand with that crazy fun time in mine. Before we knew it I had a not so little bubba and Emma and Chris were due to take their vows but we’d been on a bit of a journey together.

As I drove to their Northamptonshire venue, I was listening to Radio One when to my surprise, the presenter read out a message from one of Chris and Emma’s wedding guests. They were wishing this couple luck, saying they were about to brave the weather in order to come and celebrate the day with them. It was an exciting boost to the morning and I’d hoped they were both listening.

Chris and Emma got married at The Courtyard Stanwick on August Bank Holiday weekend. I had been to visit the venue a few times before hand and was impressed with everything it offered but this was the first time I’d been inside the lovely additional building where Emma got ready. Emma and some of her friends and family had all stayed there overnight which meant everyone was in good spirits and very excited by the time I arrived on the morning of their wedding.

I was able to photograph Emma’s pretty halter neck gown hanging from the spiral staircase in the living room and captured her shoes and hair accessories on the welsh dresser amongst the home comforts of the china teacups.

A bit of a Ferrari fanatic, Chris had had the thrill of driving to the venue in a stunning Ferrari… Please don’t ask me the exact details of this Ferrari because I am completely clueless in this area, but as you can see from the shot below of it departing, it was spectacular.   I almost missed this speedy car entirely and just caught it as the driver returned it safely home.

Keeping up with British Summer time Bank Holiday tradition, it was of course, very wet and rainy, so we worked hard keeping the important people of the day dry as they moved around during the day. I think it added an element of drama and spontaneity to the day that makes their images unique.

Emma left her cottage and made her way down the pathway to the venue doorway shielded by 3 umbrellas. She arrived dry and immaculate ready to meet Chris down the aisle who I think was really pleased to see her. I just love the expression on his face as he looks at his new bride 🙂

This couple had a lovely ceremony with lots of smiles and laughs which continued throughout their day.

The wedding breakfast and speeches were held in Reflections which is part of the Courtyard. The room was beautifully lit with purple lights and decorated with tall and elegant table centres. The bride and groom had grand arm chairs to sit in at the head table and at the back of the room were large illuminated lights that spelled out LOVE for good measure.

In his groom’s speech, Chris spoke of his immense pride at the amazing 4 children they had between them and even Emma’s daughter Charlotte gave her own speech. This family have such a good sense of humour and we all laughed our way through the speeches.

I had wanted this couple to have the backdrop of the gardens for some of their group shots and we even got as far as spotting a gap in the rain and jumping outside, only to have to rush back in again as their lovely guest started to get wet. Sorry guests!

I know many potential bride and grooms may be reading this and sweating that it may rain on their wedding day and ruin some of their plans, but I assure you that Emma and Chris’ day was every bit as magical as a sunny day wedding. It really is all about the couple and their loved ones on the day and the weather just becomes part of the story to tell the grandchildren. In fact, traditionally, it is said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day.

It very rarely rains all day in this country and as is almost always the case, we were able to get out later in the afternoon and get some stunning shots of the couple together.

Looking at Emma and Chris’s images I am convinced they get younger as the day goes on and I have come to the conclusion that it must be because when they were reunited, they just kept smiling and laughing all day.

Thank you so much for having me Emma & Chris xx

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