Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

It was an unexpected sunny day when I went to Northampton to capture Jess & Vince’s wedding day. It was my first time visiting The Guildhall and I was excited to see all the interesting architecture of the building and the way it is situated so prominently in a busy town amongst many more modern buildings. Described as “Northampton’s best kept secret”, the building is over 700 years old in the making and has been extended and adapted to suit the changing needs of the town over the years and this has lead to a beautiful mix of features.


I met a rather nervous Vince and his best man Adrian at the venue. Vince was clutching the CD for his ceremony music and Adrian was keeping a close guard on the rings. We went outside for some shots of the pair and then I watched as they greeted their guests on arrival. Jess wasn’t far behind with her bridesmaid Beth. Keen not to bump into Vince before the ceremony, they managed to keep Vince busy inside the Guildhall, while Jess and Beth waited patiently inside the shiny Audi TT that they had arrived in. I have to say, after everyone had gone to such effort to keep the bride and groom apart until the ceremony, I really did not want to be the one to blow Jess’s cover! So we photographed all the details, the bouquet that Jess had made herself, the car, and Jess with her bridesmaid all without stepping far from the car. Once we knew Vince was safely tucked away, we were able to relax a little and head on inside.


The ceremony itself had a very warm informal and fun feel to it, and Vince gave a big cheer when he finally got to kiss his girl.


Jess and Vince had their reception at The Cock Hotel just a short drive away. As the reception guests made their way over, I nipped out with Jess and Vince to do a little session with them together. Using the park, just a stones throw away, we went on foot, which was a fun experience for a new bride and groom in their best attire. There was much excitement from passing cars bibbing their horns in congratulations, and even a dog walker had to do a double take as she caught sight of this bride casually walking past her at the traffic lights!


The park was huge, with towering trees and lots of open green space to get a really nice mix of shots. Having not had a pre-wedding session with Vince and Jess, I wanted to make sure I could put them at ease quickly in front of the camera in order to get some great shots of them enjoying each others company. They were both lovely and soon relaxed. I just love they way these two look at each other 🙂


I got to meet much of Vince and Jess’ family at The Cock Hotel as they awaited their mouth watering hog roast. 2 very important guests were Jess’s baby niece and nephew. Born just a couple of months apart by each of her brothers, Jess had the great idea of photographing them sat on her dress with her. Something to show them when they are older I am sure.


During the speeches, Jess’s brother happened to mention that he had seen a news report telling us that the world was suppose to end that day. Thankfully for Jess and Vince we all lived to fight another day and here are some images of their lovely day to prove it  🙂

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