Chris & Emma’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Stanwick Lakes

I met up with Emma and Chris who will be getting married in just a few weeks time.  On Chris’s suggestion we went to their to-be-wedding-venue for their prewedding photoshoot and I was excited to see the beauty of the place.   I will always go to see a wedding venue before the couple’s wedding day to get the creative juices flowing and learn my way around, but to have the couple here, camera ready at the same time was super nice.

Not often do I get to shoot in the evenings, so I had excitedly gone off to research the best time for that golden light which coincides with the evening’s sun set. I love a good plan but sadly the rain clouds arrived during my journey there and they covered the view of our sunset.  We didn’t get that sunset shot, but it did stay dry long enough to take some lovely shots in the gardens. Sometimes you arrive hoping for one thing but what you actually get is something different that is better.

Chris and Emma were able to show me around and I can see this venue has so much potential inside and out which I am sure their guests will love. In all honesty, it really wouldn’t matter whether they got married here or in their garden, because the energy that Chris and Emma have together would make for a fun and exciting day in any location. Such a nice couple, I’ve enjoyed their company every time I have met them and I wish them every bit of love for their big upcoming day.

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