Ricky & Ocean Spring Wedding, Barns Hotel, Bedford


A little throwback to Ocean & Ricky’s wedding from the beginning of the wedding season.  It has been a busy year for this family and you may recognise Jess & Vince, one of my lovely bride and grooms from last autumn amongst the wedding guests.


Ocean and Ricky got married at the Barns Hotel in Bedford with their super cute toddler Esme as their flower girl.  With a mocha blush colour scheme, Ocean looked divine with her bridesmaids and flowers, beautifully complimenting the spring blossom on the trees around them.


I arrived early to capture Ricky and his dad as they buttoned their sleeves and put on their ties.  They all looked very smart as the guests began to arrive and I know Ricky was extremely keen to see his beautiful soon-to-be-wife come and meet him at the aisle.


After their lovely ceremony I went with Ricky and Ocean to the Embankment in Bedford to take some images of them together.  We knew there was a chance this spot would be really busy on a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon but this place had special meaning to them as it is where Ricky proposed to Ocean the previous year.  As it turned out, Butterfly Bridge was fairly full when we arrived there because crowds were gathering to wait for the rowing boats to appear along the river and see which one was in the lead!  After a little persuasion they kindly agreed to give us a quick second to take a few shots of their special place before rejoining their guests back at the venue.


We arrived back to find the guests had begun a family darts match which was actually very funny.


I snuck off to capture all the decorations and details for the reception room which I always love as so much work has gone into creating them.  Guests were treated to lottery scratch cards as favours and there were the most amazing flower filled birdcages above the tables too.  Very pretty!


Ricky told me this was 6 months in the making and I am impressed with everything they created in the timescales.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  Well done guys and many congratulations xx


Venue: The Barns Hotel, Bedford
Flowers: Concetta Elena Dragic

Karen & Keith’s Milton Keynes Wedding Holiday Inn, Newport Pagnell


I’ve been much looking forward to sharing this wedding with you.  It was a cracking start to the 2016 wedding season with such a lovely couple that it won’t be forgotten for a long time.

Karen got ready with her good pal Suvi who had flown in from Sweden for the occasion.  Long standing friends who met years ago in Miami were really pleased to be reunited and spoke of how even though they don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like, they keep no secrets and the second they are back in the same room, it is like they have never been away. Good friend and neighbour Elaine was also on hand to help out with button doing, shoe fastening and champagne pouring.  Suvi had brought with her some traditional champagne glasses to drink the champagne that was gifted by Karen’s work.

Right from our first meeting, Keith and Karen had said that they wanted to have a really relaxed feel for their wedding day and just go with the flow, sharing most of the day with just close friends and family.  No stress, just quality time for all.  I loved this approach and I think it shows in their photos that they were just nicely caught up in each other and their family.

Shortly before the ceremony, Karen’s parents arrived to deliver the matching pendant to Karen’s beautiful engagement ring.  It was quite a sweet moment as both items of jewellery had previously belonged to her grandmother and here they were living on as part of Karen’s wedding story.

I caught up with Keith and brother Barry for a few photos as they arrived at the Holiday Inn in Newport Pagnell.  Looking very dapper they were keen to greet their family before seeing the registrar and getting started.  Sometimes the family resemblance is so strong you can instantly tell who is who without an introduction and this was the case with Keith and Karen family.  Very handy, although it’s always worth checking!

Karen and Keith had planned the date of their wedding around their ideal honeymoon destination of the Seychelles.  This meant that they opted for a wintery colour scheme of silvers and blues to compliment the season.

Karen came down the aisle on her fathers arm proceeded by 2 of her daughters and their little flower girl.  On seeing Keith waiting for her, Karen gave her groom the biggest grin.  One of the joys of being able to photograph weddings is being able to capture all these little moments of excitement and joy between two people in love.

After the service, I took Karen and Keith for some photos.  Wanting to capture the beauty outside the venue, it was a little chilly and I wasn’t sure how it would be for Karen in her bridal gown.  Karen assured me the Irish blood in her would see her through and she was very keen to explore the grounds.  I was so glad she did as  this couple did not disappoint and were cheerful and relaxed which meant we got some lovely images of them together.

Back inside, all the guests sat around one main table for the wedding breakfast which ensured everyone felt part of this one big family.

As the evening guest arrived, Keith and Karen had prepared a fantastic first dance to open the dance floor.  As a surprise, this pair had secretly taken dance lessons and prepared a whole dance routine for their guests.  I will never again be able to listen to “Shut Up and Dance With Me” again without thinking of this pair.  Seeing the effort they had gone to and how well they pulled it off made for a few tears and many cheers.  Well done guys!

The evening’s entertainment was provided by the brilliant and polished 9 piece band, Bicycle Thieves which was a real treat.  There was also a caricaturist (had to spell check that!) who was scribbling away all night and a photo booth which bucked the trend with some new and unusual props for guests to play with.

It was a lovely day and I wish you both a wonderful and well deserved honeymoon and many many happy years ahead. xx


Stylist: Clare Louise

Florist Jade Flower Boutique facebook/jadeflowerboutique

Cake Supplier: The Cake Corner facebook/thecakecornermk

Photobooth: Timelss Entertainment facebook/photoboothtimeless

Caricaturist: Cartoon Rich http://www.richcartoons4u.co.uk

Band: Bicycle Thieves http://www.bicyclethieves.co.uk


Keith & Karen’s Canalside Pre-Wedding Shoot Milton Keynes

Karen and Keith met through their work about 6 years ago and struck up a friendship that soon blossomed into an awesome relationship. They are both so busy with their work schedules at the moment that there was only one day we could all get together for their pre-wedding shoot and I am so glad they were able to squeeze me in.

I enjoyed hearing about Keith and Karen’s wedding plans, and think that with such a jam-packed diary they have both done amazingly well to plan their wedding and honeymoon in a relatively shot space of time.

For this shoot, we took a stroll along the canal in Milton Keynes in the fresh, crisp, Winter air with the bright sunshine low in the sky. The sleeping canal boats were a nice backdrop to some of our images but I did not envy anyone resting inside them on this January afternoon and soon we were dreaming of sunny honeymoon locations and tropical seas.

After the shoot, Karen and Keith kindly invited me back to their home for a warm cuppa so we could run through the finer details of their day. With some treats in store, I know this will be a lovely day for all invited and I cannot wait to share it with them.

Carly & Kev’s Autumn Wedding, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes


Not long after I met Carly & Kevin for their pre-wedding shoot it was time to capture their wedding day!

This couple have a long history together because rather amazingly, Kevin and Carly met when Kevin was a tiny baby and Carly was just a couple of years old. Both sets of parents knew each other through the football club in Fishermead and who would’ve guessed that one day these two would be getting married after 10 happy years and 2 gorgeous sons together. I saw the most adorable photo of Kevin being held in Carly’s arms at such a young age and I would imagine that this would be pretty mind blowing for Kev & Carly’s own children to see now.

I arrived at the Holiday Inn in Milton Keynes to meet Carly as her wedding preparations were underway. She had opted to get ready with only her mum to ensure they had a special and relaxed morning with lots of time to spare. I even got a little involved by helping to secure the cross from a loved one to Carly’s handmade bouquet and listening as instructed to the hairstylist’s tips on how to secure Carly’s veil in place.

I left Carly and her mum sipping champagne in their hotel room and snuck out to photograph her wedding dress. This strapless fitted gown, with lace train and diamante detail around the waist was divine. Carly had a full veil and chose pearl and diamante jewellery to ensure everything matched. As I hung the dress over the hotel balcony to take a closer look, a member of staff paused in front of it for a moment and remarked “Now that is a really nice one”. And she wasn’t wrong.

Downstairs, I enjoyed snapping some of the guests as they arrived and I caught up with Kevin and his best man…. another Kevin. I always ask couples for a brief list of the group shoots they would like during the wedding day as I feel having the information beforehand means no precious time is lost making decisions on the actual day. You can imagine how confused I was when I first got this couple’s list, and discovered there were actually 3 important Kevins in this wedding party!

A real family affair, the lovely ceremony was supported by a great number of family members with Kevin’s sister and the couples’ friends taking up roles of being witnesses, doing readings and even filming the service. With such a large family, every seat was taken and the room was full to the brim.

This wedding had an Autumn theme and the preparations for the day had been a long time in the making with table centres being designed during our first meeting early in 2015. Carly and Kevin had created and personalised nearly every element of their wedding day with help from friends and family. Such beautiful vibrant colours for this time of year, all the invitations, flowers, table centres, decorations, the cake and even the adorable little crocheted place names were made by Carly and Kevin’s wedding team. There was a unique tree where guests could hang personal messages and wishes on the branches, and in place of the usual signing book, friends could leave their mark on a hand painted tree with their fingerprints taking the place of the leaves.

The Autumn weather was kind to us and we were just finishing some shots of the family outside when the rain arrived and we ran for cover, just in time for the wedding breakfast. This couple treated their guests to an atmospheric dining experience with the help of a pianist to accompany their meal. From such classics as Stevie Wonders’ ‘Isn’t She Lovely’, to Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’, the mood was upbeat and fun.

During Carly and Kevin’s pre-wedding shoot, Kevin had confessed to me that he was a little nervous about the responsibility of the impending wedding speeches. He needn’t have worried as he delivered a charming speech to his new wife and guests, while his best man unveiled a signed Liverpool shirt for Kevin during his stint with the mic. Much kinder than the grilling grooms normally receive from their Best Man at this point! Last but not least came Carly’s speech, as she presented a gift to a special friend who’s birthday it was today. This lovely couple made sure that the birthday girl was not forgotten and enjoyed sharing their day with her.

As the evening arrived, I stepped outside the hotel to begin setting up the Prop Corner for the reception guests. There was such a beautiful mixture of weathers which took me completely by surprise, with rain, sunshine and a colourful sunset that left me unsure whether to pause and enjoy or run for shelter.

In keeping with the level of thought that had gone into this day, the evening reception followed on form with a chocolate fountain and sweetie table, an impressive contemporary dance from their niece and of course, the Prop Corner to keep everyone entertained.

We had wanted to get some images of Carly and Kevin with the beautiful reds and oranges of the season from around the hotel but we opted to wait for dry and come out after sunset. This couple were so full of patience and grace with lovely manners, I loved working with them and hope they had the most magical of days xx.


Kerri & Paul’s Deanshanger Wedding, Milton Keynes

Casting my mind back to September I find myself at the morning of Kerri & Paul’s wedding. Right from day one, Kerri and Paul had been honest about not loving having their photos taken. Kerri had seen some lovely photo ideas that she had shared and described to me when we had a consultation earlier in the year, and although I can never guarantee I will get a shot that looks exactly the same, I felt there was a lot of overlap between the work she liked and my natural photography style. I like tho do some scheduled shots at a few key times during a couples wedding day but a lot of what I like to capture are moments that happen naturally so I felt there was great scope to get some lovely natural shots for Kerri and Paul during their wedding day.

We began the day at The Mecure Hotel in Abbey Hill. Kerri’s 6 year old daughter Leah gave me the grand tour of the bedrooms and pointed out where all the glitzy glamorous items were so I could get some photos of them. We shot Kerri’s dress, veil & shoes in various spots and Leah helped make sure everything stayed safely together. I could tell that she was really excited and Kerri had arranged for her to have her hair and a tiny bit of make up done like the rest of the bridal party so she could get the whole experience too.

Paul and Kerri had chosen the beautiful Church of All Saints at Calverton for their wedding ceremony and the service was held by a brilliant vicar who kept the guests relaxed and laughing while they awaited Kerri’s entrance. I photographed Paul with his groomsmen first and as 2pm approached, I went outside to wait by the metal gates of the church ground with Kerri & Paul’s son, Alfie who was keeping an eager eye out for the wedding cars. I really think he was as keen to see his mum arrive as Paul probably was waiting inside the church.

Kerri stepped out of the immaculate white Rolls Royce with her granddad in hand. With butterflies in her tummy, a little wave of nerves hit Kerri before we entered the church and thankfully the Vicar cracked a few silly jokes before she had a chance to smudge any of her make up and she was back on form to make her entrance.

The service was very sweet and tender as Kerri & Pauls love for each other was finally recognised in marriage. They were both totally focused on each other and sometimes a little squeeze of the hand or a discreet smile with their eyes was enough to show how deep their care for each other goes.

After the group shots, we headed to The Kingfisher Golf & Country Club in Deanshanger where Alan Hodge, the toastmaster kept Paul & Kerri’s reception running to schedule and ensured they didn’t miss a moment of their day. We got a huge group photo of all the guests shot from the balcony at the top of the country club before losing the kids to the bouncy castle and entertainment laid out on the field. This gave me a few minutes to capture all the lovely personal details the couple had included such as the string-wrapped lottery tickets, the sweetie cart and the 5 tier wedding cake with their sparkly initials in place of the traditional cake topper.

Kerri’s granddad who had walked her down the aisle earlier, delivered a heart-warming and tear jerking speech about how proud he was watching Kerry grow from a feisty teenager into the beautiful woman he saw before him that day. He then went on to crack some very good gags allowing guests to put down their hankies for a minute too.

For a couple that were unsure about having any special bride and groom shots, I was so pleased when they decided to go for it as I knew they would not have any regrets. Kerri and Paul’s shots came out beautifully with the gorgeous red sunset behind them and the trees and lake as a back drop. Stunning!

After the first dance, we set up the Prop Corner and got some fun shots of the guests. My particular favourite was the little boy in the Michael Jackson hat with the glittery microphone. Pop star in the making! Walking through the bar at the end of the evening, I stopped to take a shot of a group of guests hanging out and chatting. “Lets get the photo first and we’ll introduce ourselves to each other after”. Classic example of how some guests just hit it off and skip the formalities.

Such a lovely day, thank you so much for sharing your day with me xx


Church: Church of All Saints, Calverton

Reception: Brampton Kingfisher Golf & Country Club https://www.facebook.com/Kingfisher-Hotel-Golf-Country-Club-519693428081867/?fref=ts

Reception Organiser: Tony Pearson from Kingfisher Country Club

Toast Master: Alan Hodge https://www.facebook.com/alanmhodge.toastmaster?hc_location=ufi

Photography: Anna Packard Photography https://www.facebook.com/annapackardphotography





Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

It was an unexpected sunny day when I went to Northampton to capture Jess & Vince’s wedding day. It was my first time visiting The Guildhall and I was excited to see all the interesting architecture of the building and the way it is situated so prominently in a busy town amongst many more modern buildings. Described as “Northampton’s best kept secret”, the building is over 700 years old in the making and has been extended and adapted to suit the changing needs of the town over the years and this has lead to a beautiful mix of features.


I met a rather nervous Vince and his best man Adrian at the venue. Vince was clutching the CD for his ceremony music and Adrian was keeping a close guard on the rings. We went outside for some shots of the pair and then I watched as they greeted their guests on arrival. Jess wasn’t far behind with her bridesmaid Beth. Keen not to bump into Vince before the ceremony, they managed to keep Vince busy inside the Guildhall, while Jess and Beth waited patiently inside the shiny Audi TT that they had arrived in. I have to say, after everyone had gone to such effort to keep the bride and groom apart until the ceremony, I really did not want to be the one to blow Jess’s cover! So we photographed all the details, the bouquet that Jess had made herself, the car, and Jess with her bridesmaid all without stepping far from the car. Once we knew Vince was safely tucked away, we were able to relax a little and head on inside.


The ceremony itself had a very warm informal and fun feel to it, and Vince gave a big cheer when he finally got to kiss his girl.


Jess and Vince had their reception at The Cock Hotel just a short drive away. As the reception guests made their way over, I nipped out with Jess and Vince to do a little session with them together. Using the park, just a stones throw away, we went on foot, which was a fun experience for a new bride and groom in their best attire. There was much excitement from passing cars bibbing their horns in congratulations, and even a dog walker had to do a double take as she caught sight of this bride casually walking past her at the traffic lights!


The park was huge, with towering trees and lots of open green space to get a really nice mix of shots. Having not had a pre-wedding session with Vince and Jess, I wanted to make sure I could put them at ease quickly in front of the camera in order to get some great shots of them enjoying each others company. They were both lovely and soon relaxed. I just love they way these two look at each other 🙂


I got to meet much of Vince and Jess’ family at The Cock Hotel as they awaited their mouth watering hog roast. 2 very important guests were Jess’s baby niece and nephew. Born just a couple of months apart by each of her brothers, Jess had the great idea of photographing them sat on her dress with her. Something to show them when they are older I am sure.


During the speeches, Jess’s brother happened to mention that he had seen a news report telling us that the world was suppose to end that day. Thankfully for Jess and Vince we all lived to fight another day and here are some images of their lovely day to prove it  🙂

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

It was a glorious Autumnal day when I met up with Carly and Kev for their pre-wedding shoot.

For this shoot, we were blessed with warm and bright sunshine which was low in the sky, meaning that the tall trees with their browning leaves cast dramatic shadows all around us, with little pockets of light teasing though. Tremendous!

Fresh from a meeting at their wedding venue in Newport Pagnell the day before, I was able to talk through their wedding plans and find out more about what they’ve been up to since we last met.

Right from the start, Kev and Carly were both so easy to talk to. Very down to earth, they work hard and also have a young little family to take care of. I met both their boys earlier in the year and we spoke briefly about how excited they were for their mummy and daddy’s wedding. I asked them whether they were planning to look super smart for the occasion, which was met with cute little grins. ❤

The great thing about wedding photography is that it never becomes repetitive because every couple are always so different. They all have their own tastes and talents that they use to put their own spin on their wedding journey. Clearly quite tech savvy, to invite all of their guests and keep track of RSVPs and meal choices, Kev had created a rather neat little interactive invitation system that was delivered straight to the inbox of their guests. Totally personalised to their wedding colours, I felt this was a really unique way to engage guests with their celebration right from the start. How clever is that?

Carly and Kevin were both so game for giving anything a go on this shoot and we ended up walking quite a nice little route which finished up with us staring out from the top of Beacon Hill and trying to identify the local landmarks.

Just at the end of what has been a really bright and (mostly) dry Summer, this meet up made me feel a rush of excitement for shooting in the beauty of the changing seasons and everything that Autumn brings.

With a big family on this guest list, and lots of children in amongst them, I know this will be a very special occasion for all of them which I cannot wait to be a part of. xxx

Emma & Chris’ Courtyard Hotel, Stanwick, Northamptonshire Wedding

Emma & Chris’s wedding day came round super fast. It only seems like yesterday that they popped over to make some initial enquiries and I had a little newborn in my arms. Nappy changes aren’t part of my usual client meetings but this one had already been postponed once due to this bundles arrival so we were keen to get chatting and Emma and Chris were so relaxed and lovely that they made it a breeze.

I guess that information doesn’t seems massively relevant to the story of Chris and Emma’s day, but in my head, their journey has coincided with such a big milestone in my life, that the build up to their wedding feels like it goes hand in hand with that crazy fun time in mine. Before we knew it I had a not so little bubba and Emma and Chris were due to take their vows but we’d been on a bit of a journey together.

As I drove to their Northamptonshire venue, I was listening to Radio One when to my surprise, the presenter read out a message from one of Chris and Emma’s wedding guests. They were wishing this couple luck, saying they were about to brave the weather in order to come and celebrate the day with them. It was an exciting boost to the morning and I’d hoped they were both listening.

Chris and Emma got married at The Courtyard Stanwick on August Bank Holiday weekend. I had been to visit the venue a few times before hand and was impressed with everything it offered but this was the first time I’d been inside the lovely additional building where Emma got ready. Emma and some of her friends and family had all stayed there overnight which meant everyone was in good spirits and very excited by the time I arrived on the morning of their wedding.

I was able to photograph Emma’s pretty halter neck gown hanging from the spiral staircase in the living room and captured her shoes and hair accessories on the welsh dresser amongst the home comforts of the china teacups.

A bit of a Ferrari fanatic, Chris had had the thrill of driving to the venue in a stunning Ferrari… Please don’t ask me the exact details of this Ferrari because I am completely clueless in this area, but as you can see from the shot below of it departing, it was spectacular.   I almost missed this speedy car entirely and just caught it as the driver returned it safely home.

Keeping up with British Summer time Bank Holiday tradition, it was of course, very wet and rainy, so we worked hard keeping the important people of the day dry as they moved around during the day. I think it added an element of drama and spontaneity to the day that makes their images unique.

Emma left her cottage and made her way down the pathway to the venue doorway shielded by 3 umbrellas. She arrived dry and immaculate ready to meet Chris down the aisle who I think was really pleased to see her. I just love the expression on his face as he looks at his new bride 🙂

This couple had a lovely ceremony with lots of smiles and laughs which continued throughout their day.

The wedding breakfast and speeches were held in Reflections which is part of the Courtyard. The room was beautifully lit with purple lights and decorated with tall and elegant table centres. The bride and groom had grand arm chairs to sit in at the head table and at the back of the room were large illuminated lights that spelled out LOVE for good measure.

In his groom’s speech, Chris spoke of his immense pride at the amazing 4 children they had between them and even Emma’s daughter Charlotte gave her own speech. This family have such a good sense of humour and we all laughed our way through the speeches.

I had wanted this couple to have the backdrop of the gardens for some of their group shots and we even got as far as spotting a gap in the rain and jumping outside, only to have to rush back in again as their lovely guest started to get wet. Sorry guests!

I know many potential bride and grooms may be reading this and sweating that it may rain on their wedding day and ruin some of their plans, but I assure you that Emma and Chris’ day was every bit as magical as a sunny day wedding. It really is all about the couple and their loved ones on the day and the weather just becomes part of the story to tell the grandchildren. In fact, traditionally, it is said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day.

It very rarely rains all day in this country and as is almost always the case, we were able to get out later in the afternoon and get some stunning shots of the couple together.

Looking at Emma and Chris’s images I am convinced they get younger as the day goes on and I have come to the conclusion that it must be because when they were reunited, they just kept smiling and laughing all day.

Thank you so much for having me Emma & Chris xx

Lindsay & John’s Brampton Halt Northampton Wedding

To the girl with the smile that lights up the room, to the guy who manages to say a lot with very few words, this wedding was filled with love and laughter.

Some of you may remember from Lindsay and John’s pre-wedding blog post earlier in the year that there was a real ‘meant to be’ vibe about these two. They had met by chance only to find out they had lived a few streets from each other their whole lives. It was surely only a matter of time before their paths had crossed.

Lindsay and John’s wedding plans seemed to continue with this pattern when Lindsay had found a wedding dress she wanted to try. No bridal shops seemed to be stocking this dress so while out searching Lindsay chanced to ask a lady in the bridal shop about it. Just by luck the assistant found they had the exact sample dress out the back which had been removed from shelf as part of a stock reshuffle. Lindsay loved the beautiful strapless Maggie Sottero gown which had hidden details throughout and knew it was the right one for her.

All 3 bridesmaids had handmade teal satin tea dresses with petticoats, all in individual styles that complimented their shapes and personalities. Also made, were cute teal dickie bows from the same material for Lindsay’s little nephews. Absolutely adorable 🙂

With a good sized wedding party, I was grateful to be able to take my time capturing the bridal preparations and have the support of Kevin McGrath at the King Billy Pub covering the groomsmen getting ready.

Lindsay got ready at her parents house with her bridesmaids and some family members. I always ask my brides to allow some time once they are completely ready so we can get some shots before they leave for the ceremony. Lindsay and her bridesmaids ensured everything ran like clockwork and Lindsay was actually ready early which left us oodles of time to get the photos we wanted.

This couple had their church service just around the corner at St John The Baptist Church in Kingsthorpe before heading to Brampton Halt for a BBQ and reception. Brampton Halt has open grills so guests were able to watch their food being cooked fresh in front of them and a mouth watering selection was offered.

The weather was still warm and bright as we explored the lake and surrounding area for some bride and groom photos, with the sun setting just as we made our way back to the marquee, following the hum of the tunes in the distance. This team were ready to PARTY!

We had such good fun at this wedding and all the guests threw everything into helping Lindsay and John celebrate this fantastic day. Kevin and I set up the Prop Corner and we had not only a tiny newborn baby in there, but also Agnes & Flora, John’s nan and Great Aunt too. At 95, they certainly set the standard high for the other guests to live up to.

Thank you so much for having us Lindsay & John xx

Make Up Artist: Shani Verity Meftah https://www.facebook.com/shani.meftah.1

Chauffer Services: VoyagerUK.com https://www.facebook.com/voyager.northampton/info?tab=overview

Church: St John The Baptist Church in Kingsthorpe

Reception: Brampton Halt https://www.facebook.com/brampton.halt?fref=ts

Reception Organiser: Donna at Something Borrowed Events

Photography: Anna Packard Photography https://www.facebook.com/annapackardphotography (assisted by Kevin McGrath)

Baby Sidney ~ Newborn Shoot ~ 12 Days Old

What a superb shoot! I know I always say this but I’ve come away with that lovely newborn smell sucked deep into my lungs and I’m smiley and totally charmed.

I arrived to meet baby Sidney and the house was peaceful and quiet.  I set up while Sidney slept in his Moses basket and his mummy informed me he had just gone off to sleep after some milk.  Working quickly, I wondered if I might disturb him as I repositioned and changed him but he was on top form for the whole session.  We managed to get plenty done before Sidney’s big sister Niamh arrived for a slice of the action.  She had been at the park with her daddy, feeding the ducks.

I met Niamh back in April this year when I did my  Family & Siblings Session, so I knew how totally fabulous she was.  Glamorous, funny, beautiful and clever she is such a pleasure to hang out with and I was gutted I didn’t have my prop box with me for when she asked this time.

I got some lovely picture of the pair of them, both total angels and I went home buzzing to get on with the edit.