Baby Sidney ~ Newborn Shoot ~ 12 Days Old

What a superb shoot! I know I always say this but I’ve come away with that lovely newborn smell sucked deep into my lungs and I’m smiley and totally charmed.

I arrived to meet baby Sidney and the house was peaceful and quiet.  I set up while Sidney slept in his Moses basket and his mummy informed me he had just gone off to sleep after some milk.  Working quickly, I wondered if I might disturb him as I repositioned and changed him but he was on top form for the whole session.  We managed to get plenty done before Sidney’s big sister Niamh arrived for a slice of the action.  She had been at the park with her daddy, feeding the ducks.

I met Niamh back in April this year when I did my  Family & Siblings Session, so I knew how totally fabulous she was.  Glamorous, funny, beautiful and clever she is such a pleasure to hang out with and I was gutted I didn’t have my prop box with me for when she asked this time.

I got some lovely picture of the pair of them, both total angels and I went home buzzing to get on with the edit.

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