Baby Sidney ~ Newborn Shoot ~ 12 Days Old

What a superb shoot! I know I always say this but I’ve come away with that lovely newborn smell sucked deep into my lungs and I’m smiley and totally charmed.

I arrived to meet baby Sidney and the house was peaceful and quiet.  I set up while Sidney slept in his Moses basket and his mummy informed me he had just gone off to sleep after some milk.  Working quickly, I wondered if I might disturb him as I repositioned and changed him but he was on top form for the whole session.  We managed to get plenty done before Sidney’s big sister Niamh arrived for a slice of the action.  She had been at the park with her daddy, feeding the ducks.

I met Niamh back in April this year when I did my  Family & Siblings Session, so I knew how totally fabulous she was.  Glamorous, funny, beautiful and clever she is such a pleasure to hang out with and I was gutted I didn’t have my prop box with me for when she asked this time.

I got some lovely picture of the pair of them, both total angels and I went home buzzing to get on with the edit.

Baby Cleo ~ Newborn Shoot ~ 8 Days Old

I met lovely Cleo for the first time today for her newborn photoshoot.  This was also a great time to get some photos done with her big sister Alannah before nap time.

Whether its wind, reflex or a genuine smile, I still think babies look super cute when their faces come alive with a big grin.  So often I am rewarded with this just after I put my camera down, but today little Cleo performed on cue.  Thank you Cleo 🙂

Ruby’s Christening

After my lovely morning with Ruby a couple of weeks earlier, I came along to capture her special day. After initial concerns that Ruby might not be able to squeeze into the Christening dress, thankfully it turned out to be a perfect fit and she looked super cute.
Clearly Ruby is a very popular and cherished little girl as she had been gifted not one, but THREE Christening cakes!

The Christening took place in a beautiful 2 tier church in Stewkley with lots of her friends and family around her. Zoe and Adam had gone to great lengths to add lots of little special details to help celebrate her day and her two big brothers were there looking out for her at the party afterwards.

A lovely do, that left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thanks for having me guys xx

Beautiful Ruby’s Baby Shoot

I’ve known Zoe for years so when she booked me to take some pictures of Ruby, I was delighted.  Ruby is an absolute dream and I fell in love with her instantly.  What a charmer!  Our morning together was very relaxed and Ruby allowed us to try lots of different shots.  Right on cue, she even managed a cheeky nap so we could get some lovely ones of her feet while they were still.

A valuable and rewarding morning has left me feeling a little bit broody, and I have been told I am not alone in this.  Ruby seems to have a lot of fans.

Thanks Zoe xx