Karen & Keith’s Milton Keynes Wedding Holiday Inn, Newport Pagnell


I’ve been much looking forward to sharing this wedding with you.  It was a cracking start to the 2016 wedding season with such a lovely couple that it won’t be forgotten for a long time.

Karen got ready with her good pal Suvi who had flown in from Sweden for the occasion.  Long standing friends who met years ago in Miami were really pleased to be reunited and spoke of how even though they don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like, they keep no secrets and the second they are back in the same room, it is like they have never been away. Good friend and neighbour Elaine was also on hand to help out with button doing, shoe fastening and champagne pouring.  Suvi had brought with her some traditional champagne glasses to drink the champagne that was gifted by Karen’s work.

Right from our first meeting, Keith and Karen had said that they wanted to have a really relaxed feel for their wedding day and just go with the flow, sharing most of the day with just close friends and family.  No stress, just quality time for all.  I loved this approach and I think it shows in their photos that they were just nicely caught up in each other and their family.

Shortly before the ceremony, Karen’s parents arrived to deliver the matching pendant to Karen’s beautiful engagement ring.  It was quite a sweet moment as both items of jewellery had previously belonged to her grandmother and here they were living on as part of Karen’s wedding story.

I caught up with Keith and brother Barry for a few photos as they arrived at the Holiday Inn in Newport Pagnell.  Looking very dapper they were keen to greet their family before seeing the registrar and getting started.  Sometimes the family resemblance is so strong you can instantly tell who is who without an introduction and this was the case with Keith and Karen family.  Very handy, although it’s always worth checking!

Karen and Keith had planned the date of their wedding around their ideal honeymoon destination of the Seychelles.  This meant that they opted for a wintery colour scheme of silvers and blues to compliment the season.

Karen came down the aisle on her fathers arm proceeded by 2 of her daughters and their little flower girl.  On seeing Keith waiting for her, Karen gave her groom the biggest grin.  One of the joys of being able to photograph weddings is being able to capture all these little moments of excitement and joy between two people in love.

After the service, I took Karen and Keith for some photos.  Wanting to capture the beauty outside the venue, it was a little chilly and I wasn’t sure how it would be for Karen in her bridal gown.  Karen assured me the Irish blood in her would see her through and she was very keen to explore the grounds.  I was so glad she did as  this couple did not disappoint and were cheerful and relaxed which meant we got some lovely images of them together.

Back inside, all the guests sat around one main table for the wedding breakfast which ensured everyone felt part of this one big family.

As the evening guest arrived, Keith and Karen had prepared a fantastic first dance to open the dance floor.  As a surprise, this pair had secretly taken dance lessons and prepared a whole dance routine for their guests.  I will never again be able to listen to “Shut Up and Dance With Me” again without thinking of this pair.  Seeing the effort they had gone to and how well they pulled it off made for a few tears and many cheers.  Well done guys!

The evening’s entertainment was provided by the brilliant and polished 9 piece band, Bicycle Thieves which was a real treat.  There was also a caricaturist (had to spell check that!) who was scribbling away all night and a photo booth which bucked the trend with some new and unusual props for guests to play with.

It was a lovely day and I wish you both a wonderful and well deserved honeymoon and many many happy years ahead. xx


Stylist: Clare Louise

Florist Jade Flower Boutique facebook/jadeflowerboutique

Cake Supplier: The Cake Corner facebook/thecakecornermk

Photobooth: Timelss Entertainment facebook/photoboothtimeless

Caricaturist: Cartoon Rich http://www.richcartoons4u.co.uk

Band: Bicycle Thieves http://www.bicyclethieves.co.uk


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