Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

Vince & Jess’s Northampton Guidhall Wedding

It was an unexpected sunny day when I went to Northampton to capture Jess & Vince’s wedding day. It was my first time visiting The Guildhall and I was excited to see all the interesting architecture of the building and the way it is situated so prominently in a busy town amongst many more modern buildings. Described as “Northampton’s best kept secret”, the building is over 700 years old in the making and has been extended and adapted to suit the changing needs of the town over the years and this has lead to a beautiful mix of features.


I met a rather nervous Vince and his best man Adrian at the venue. Vince was clutching the CD for his ceremony music and Adrian was keeping a close guard on the rings. We went outside for some shots of the pair and then I watched as they greeted their guests on arrival. Jess wasn’t far behind with her bridesmaid Beth. Keen not to bump into Vince before the ceremony, they managed to keep Vince busy inside the Guildhall, while Jess and Beth waited patiently inside the shiny Audi TT that they had arrived in. I have to say, after everyone had gone to such effort to keep the bride and groom apart until the ceremony, I really did not want to be the one to blow Jess’s cover! So we photographed all the details, the bouquet that Jess had made herself, the car, and Jess with her bridesmaid all without stepping far from the car. Once we knew Vince was safely tucked away, we were able to relax a little and head on inside.


The ceremony itself had a very warm informal and fun feel to it, and Vince gave a big cheer when he finally got to kiss his girl.


Jess and Vince had their reception at The Cock Hotel just a short drive away. As the reception guests made their way over, I nipped out with Jess and Vince to do a little session with them together. Using the park, just a stones throw away, we went on foot, which was a fun experience for a new bride and groom in their best attire. There was much excitement from passing cars bibbing their horns in congratulations, and even a dog walker had to do a double take as she caught sight of this bride casually walking past her at the traffic lights!


The park was huge, with towering trees and lots of open green space to get a really nice mix of shots. Having not had a pre-wedding session with Vince and Jess, I wanted to make sure I could put them at ease quickly in front of the camera in order to get some great shots of them enjoying each others company. They were both lovely and soon relaxed. I just love they way these two look at each other 🙂


I got to meet much of Vince and Jess’ family at The Cock Hotel as they awaited their mouth watering hog roast. 2 very important guests were Jess’s baby niece and nephew. Born just a couple of months apart by each of her brothers, Jess had the great idea of photographing them sat on her dress with her. Something to show them when they are older I am sure.


During the speeches, Jess’s brother happened to mention that he had seen a news report telling us that the world was suppose to end that day. Thankfully for Jess and Vince we all lived to fight another day and here are some images of their lovely day to prove it  🙂

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

Carly & Kev’s Campbell Park, PreWedding Shoot, Milton Keynes

It was a glorious Autumnal day when I met up with Carly and Kev for their pre-wedding shoot.

For this shoot, we were blessed with warm and bright sunshine which was low in the sky, meaning that the tall trees with their browning leaves cast dramatic shadows all around us, with little pockets of light teasing though. Tremendous!

Fresh from a meeting at their wedding venue in Newport Pagnell the day before, I was able to talk through their wedding plans and find out more about what they’ve been up to since we last met.

Right from the start, Kev and Carly were both so easy to talk to. Very down to earth, they work hard and also have a young little family to take care of. I met both their boys earlier in the year and we spoke briefly about how excited they were for their mummy and daddy’s wedding. I asked them whether they were planning to look super smart for the occasion, which was met with cute little grins. ❤

The great thing about wedding photography is that it never becomes repetitive because every couple are always so different. They all have their own tastes and talents that they use to put their own spin on their wedding journey. Clearly quite tech savvy, to invite all of their guests and keep track of RSVPs and meal choices, Kev had created a rather neat little interactive invitation system that was delivered straight to the inbox of their guests. Totally personalised to their wedding colours, I felt this was a really unique way to engage guests with their celebration right from the start. How clever is that?

Carly and Kevin were both so game for giving anything a go on this shoot and we ended up walking quite a nice little route which finished up with us staring out from the top of Beacon Hill and trying to identify the local landmarks.

Just at the end of what has been a really bright and (mostly) dry Summer, this meet up made me feel a rush of excitement for shooting in the beauty of the changing seasons and everything that Autumn brings.

With a big family on this guest list, and lots of children in amongst them, I know this will be a very special occasion for all of them which I cannot wait to be a part of. xxx

Emma & Chris’ Courtyard Hotel, Stanwick, Northamptonshire Wedding

Emma & Chris’s wedding day came round super fast. It only seems like yesterday that they popped over to make some initial enquiries and I had a little newborn in my arms. Nappy changes aren’t part of my usual client meetings but this one had already been postponed once due to this bundles arrival so we were keen to get chatting and Emma and Chris were so relaxed and lovely that they made it a breeze.

I guess that information doesn’t seems massively relevant to the story of Chris and Emma’s day, but in my head, their journey has coincided with such a big milestone in my life, that the build up to their wedding feels like it goes hand in hand with that crazy fun time in mine. Before we knew it I had a not so little bubba and Emma and Chris were due to take their vows but we’d been on a bit of a journey together.

As I drove to their Northamptonshire venue, I was listening to Radio One when to my surprise, the presenter read out a message from one of Chris and Emma’s wedding guests. They were wishing this couple luck, saying they were about to brave the weather in order to come and celebrate the day with them. It was an exciting boost to the morning and I’d hoped they were both listening.

Chris and Emma got married at The Courtyard Stanwick on August Bank Holiday weekend. I had been to visit the venue a few times before hand and was impressed with everything it offered but this was the first time I’d been inside the lovely additional building where Emma got ready. Emma and some of her friends and family had all stayed there overnight which meant everyone was in good spirits and very excited by the time I arrived on the morning of their wedding.

I was able to photograph Emma’s pretty halter neck gown hanging from the spiral staircase in the living room and captured her shoes and hair accessories on the welsh dresser amongst the home comforts of the china teacups.

A bit of a Ferrari fanatic, Chris had had the thrill of driving to the venue in a stunning Ferrari… Please don’t ask me the exact details of this Ferrari because I am completely clueless in this area, but as you can see from the shot below of it departing, it was spectacular.   I almost missed this speedy car entirely and just caught it as the driver returned it safely home.

Keeping up with British Summer time Bank Holiday tradition, it was of course, very wet and rainy, so we worked hard keeping the important people of the day dry as they moved around during the day. I think it added an element of drama and spontaneity to the day that makes their images unique.

Emma left her cottage and made her way down the pathway to the venue doorway shielded by 3 umbrellas. She arrived dry and immaculate ready to meet Chris down the aisle who I think was really pleased to see her. I just love the expression on his face as he looks at his new bride 🙂

This couple had a lovely ceremony with lots of smiles and laughs which continued throughout their day.

The wedding breakfast and speeches were held in Reflections which is part of the Courtyard. The room was beautifully lit with purple lights and decorated with tall and elegant table centres. The bride and groom had grand arm chairs to sit in at the head table and at the back of the room were large illuminated lights that spelled out LOVE for good measure.

In his groom’s speech, Chris spoke of his immense pride at the amazing 4 children they had between them and even Emma’s daughter Charlotte gave her own speech. This family have such a good sense of humour and we all laughed our way through the speeches.

I had wanted this couple to have the backdrop of the gardens for some of their group shots and we even got as far as spotting a gap in the rain and jumping outside, only to have to rush back in again as their lovely guest started to get wet. Sorry guests!

I know many potential bride and grooms may be reading this and sweating that it may rain on their wedding day and ruin some of their plans, but I assure you that Emma and Chris’ day was every bit as magical as a sunny day wedding. It really is all about the couple and their loved ones on the day and the weather just becomes part of the story to tell the grandchildren. In fact, traditionally, it is said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day.

It very rarely rains all day in this country and as is almost always the case, we were able to get out later in the afternoon and get some stunning shots of the couple together.

Looking at Emma and Chris’s images I am convinced they get younger as the day goes on and I have come to the conclusion that it must be because when they were reunited, they just kept smiling and laughing all day.

Thank you so much for having me Emma & Chris xx

Lindsay & John’s Brampton Halt Northampton Wedding

To the girl with the smile that lights up the room, to the guy who manages to say a lot with very few words, this wedding was filled with love and laughter.

Some of you may remember from Lindsay and John’s pre-wedding blog post earlier in the year that there was a real ‘meant to be’ vibe about these two. They had met by chance only to find out they had lived a few streets from each other their whole lives. It was surely only a matter of time before their paths had crossed.

Lindsay and John’s wedding plans seemed to continue with this pattern when Lindsay had found a wedding dress she wanted to try. No bridal shops seemed to be stocking this dress so while out searching Lindsay chanced to ask a lady in the bridal shop about it. Just by luck the assistant found they had the exact sample dress out the back which had been removed from shelf as part of a stock reshuffle. Lindsay loved the beautiful strapless Maggie Sottero gown which had hidden details throughout and knew it was the right one for her.

All 3 bridesmaids had handmade teal satin tea dresses with petticoats, all in individual styles that complimented their shapes and personalities. Also made, were cute teal dickie bows from the same material for Lindsay’s little nephews. Absolutely adorable 🙂

With a good sized wedding party, I was grateful to be able to take my time capturing the bridal preparations and have the support of Kevin McGrath at the King Billy Pub covering the groomsmen getting ready.

Lindsay got ready at her parents house with her bridesmaids and some family members. I always ask my brides to allow some time once they are completely ready so we can get some shots before they leave for the ceremony. Lindsay and her bridesmaids ensured everything ran like clockwork and Lindsay was actually ready early which left us oodles of time to get the photos we wanted.

This couple had their church service just around the corner at St John The Baptist Church in Kingsthorpe before heading to Brampton Halt for a BBQ and reception. Brampton Halt has open grills so guests were able to watch their food being cooked fresh in front of them and a mouth watering selection was offered.

The weather was still warm and bright as we explored the lake and surrounding area for some bride and groom photos, with the sun setting just as we made our way back to the marquee, following the hum of the tunes in the distance. This team were ready to PARTY!

We had such good fun at this wedding and all the guests threw everything into helping Lindsay and John celebrate this fantastic day. Kevin and I set up the Prop Corner and we had not only a tiny newborn baby in there, but also Agnes & Flora, John’s nan and Great Aunt too. At 95, they certainly set the standard high for the other guests to live up to.

Thank you so much for having us Lindsay & John xx

Make Up Artist: Shani Verity Meftah

Chauffer Services:

Church: St John The Baptist Church in Kingsthorpe

Reception: Brampton Halt

Reception Organiser: Donna at Something Borrowed Events

Photography: Anna Packard Photography (assisted by Kevin McGrath)

Wedstock, Shutlanger, Ben & Jess’s Wedding

Unlike most of the weddings I photograph, Jess and Ben were actually already married by the time the day of their celebration came round. They had decided to shoot off, just the two of them a week before their celebrations to officially tie the knot Vegas style!

Ben and Jess had a whirlwind few days in Vegas, getting married in the Chapel of Love, trying out the casinos and going up in a helicopter, literally ticking things off their bucket list and getting the whole experience. At the point when most couples would then be relaxing on their honeymoon, this lovely pair were back in the UK writing speeches, arranging tables, collecting the cake and all the other more traditional wedding preparations…except this would be far from a traditional wedding celebration. Labelled as Wedstock, this mega party was half wedding half festival.

Jess had taken a qwerky Vegas inspired handmade bouquet with her to Vegas and also had a second beautiful fresh one made by Jill at Back to the Fuchsia flowers in Stony Stratford. Jess explained to me that she needed 2 bouquets because she needed one to throw and one to keep… although I have a feeling she kept both in the end 🙂

Driving through the beautiful green fields in Shutlanger on a sunny August afternoon, I reached the top of hill and was met with the view of a large teepee in the distance. As I drove closer to park up, the full beauty of the scenery and all the effort this couple had gone to became apparent. The perfectly still lake, hay bales dotted around the field, a bouncy castle, face painting, an outdoor bar and even flip-flops for guest’s tired feet made this wedding a spectacular experience.

The environment inside the teepee was warm and cosy, with each table made up with a collection of pretty jars with a selection of fabrics and furs on benches to sit on.  There were Vegas themed cupcakes and jugs of flowers.  This whole scene being lit from tea lights, fairy lights and the sun beaming in from vents at the top of the tepee.

Ben met Jess 5 years ago while she was working in a shop not far from Ben’s house. He knew it was love when he found himself popping in to buy a load of stuff he didn’t need on a regular basis, just so he could see her again. It took him a year to build up the courage to ask Jess out but it seems to have been worth the risk as here they are, a few years later, just a smitten with each other now as they were then.

Jess and Ben’s guests were treated to proper fish and chips from a van on site and later an icecream van arrived to cool everybody down before the speeches and first dance. This couple chose Bob’s Marley’s Stir it Up as their first dance because it was the first song they ever danced to. Ben wasn’t sure it this was an unusual choice for a first dance but liked it for its sentimental reasons. As someone who had Bob Marley songs feature in my own wedding day, I can say it felt like the perfect choice!

As I took Ben and Jess for some pictures together the Peartree Bridge Family  set up to play the first set. This warmed every body up and by the time The Defekters arrived the whole teepee was vibrating. Smoke machines puffing, disco lights whirling and illuminating the sky above.

Talking to guests throughout the day, many remarked how they hadn’t seen each other for years, with people commenting on what a small world it was as they bumped into people who they had no idea shared Ben and Jess as mutual friends. “It just feels like a massive reunion” I heard mentioned more than once.

This was such a lovely wedding to capture, not just because of the weather, not just because of the fun guests or the beautiful environment, but more because I don’t think with Ben and Jess, having already gotten married a few days earlier, expected the after party to feel quite so moving and wonderful as it did.

So many glorious images to chose from, so here is a selection to share with you. Thank you for a lovely day Ben & Jess xx



Chris & Emma’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Stanwick Lakes

I met up with Emma and Chris who will be getting married in just a few weeks time.  On Chris’s suggestion we went to their to-be-wedding-venue for their prewedding photoshoot and I was excited to see the beauty of the place.   I will always go to see a wedding venue before the couple’s wedding day to get the creative juices flowing and learn my way around, but to have the couple here, camera ready at the same time was super nice.

Not often do I get to shoot in the evenings, so I had excitedly gone off to research the best time for that golden light which coincides with the evening’s sun set. I love a good plan but sadly the rain clouds arrived during my journey there and they covered the view of our sunset.  We didn’t get that sunset shot, but it did stay dry long enough to take some lovely shots in the gardens. Sometimes you arrive hoping for one thing but what you actually get is something different that is better.

Chris and Emma were able to show me around and I can see this venue has so much potential inside and out which I am sure their guests will love. In all honesty, it really wouldn’t matter whether they got married here or in their garden, because the energy that Chris and Emma have together would make for a fun and exciting day in any location. Such a nice couple, I’ve enjoyed their company every time I have met them and I wish them every bit of love for their big upcoming day.

Lindsay and John’s Pre-Wedding Shoot Brixworth Country Park

Last time I came to Brixworth Country Park in Northamptonshire I was really impressed. Breathing in the fresh air and looking out across the beauty of the lake, what could possibly go wrong?   And then the rain came, I spent 2 hours getting totally lost and ended up having to get a taxi back to my car! I’m glad I was able to revisit this place for John and Lindsay’s pre-wedding shoot and have a thoroughly rewarding experience. I am back in love with the place again.

John and Lindsay met for the first time 3 years ago while on a night out with friends. They really hit it off and planned to go on a proper date together the following Wednesday but by the very next day they decided they couldn’t wait that long and rescheduled for the Monday. While getting to know each over, they discovered they had lived just 5 minutes away from each other all this time…. And the rest, as they say, was history.

I enjoyed our relaxed photoshoot with Lindsay and John and I’m pleased to report they commented that it really wasn’t as traumatic as they had feared. We were able to explore the area at our leisure and get a good mixture of images of the couple sharing some time together. It was really helpful getting to know them both a bit better in this informal environment and get a feel for how they envisage their wedding day playing out.  I was lucky as Lindsay treated me to a few peeks at some of the details from their wedding.  Its going to be bursting with style all the way!

Looking forward to catching up with John and Lindsay again next month when I capture their wedding day.

Matt & Mandy’s Summer Wedding Milton Keynes

I’m not long back from completing Mandy and Matt’s beautiful summer wedding images and, with their permission, I’d like to share some with you and tell you a bit about their day.

This lovely couple tied the knot at the Holiday Inn in Newport Pagnell on a glorious Summers day.  I arrived at the venue nice and early to greet Mandy as she was having her hair and make up done. Its quite exciting having your wedding in a venue like this because you know that while the bride is getting ready upstairs, the guests will be beginning to gather downstairs with there being just a few meters space between you and them.

Mandy’s wedding gown was hanging in the window light looking elegant and I was able to get some little detail shots of this and her sparkling accessories right away. Many of Mandy’s jewellery pieces had little sparkling stars on them which carried a special significance to Mandy and complimented the delicate diamante detail on her dress.

The hotel was filling up nicely as I popped down to meet Matt with his dad Ian, who would also be Matt’s best man for the day. Matt and Mandy had opted to keep the first part of their day very family focused with most of the guests and wedding party being family members. Their smiley daughters Lucy & Emily did a great job leading the procession down the aisle, with Mandy following behind on her dad’s arm.

I mentioned in my blog post featuring Matt & Mandy’s pre-wedding shoot that they had been together for a long time before deciding to tie the knot, but it was during the speeches that I found out that Matt and Mandy’s journey actually began when they were just 18. Awwww. :-). It makes me feel happy when I think about how special the love is between a couple that have known and grown together over such time.

As the evening arrived with the sun still shining, the sweetie table was opened. Delights such as lollipop bouquets and the hugest shiny glass bowl bursting with M&Ms awaited the guests. Mandy and Matt had put out some amusing photo props which put an alternative spin on some of the group shots. The disco warmed up in no time and the dance floor came to life for the night. As I left there was the most incredible sunset. Perfect ending to a perfect day. I hope there wasn’t too many sunburned faces come the morning.

Enjoy the next chapter in your lives you two.  xx

Zoey & David’s Wedding

Zoey had planned to spend the morning of her Summer wedding at home getting ready with her 5 bridesmaids, plus 2 parents and a handful of friends for helpers. When I approached the front door, I was expecting a scene of hustle and bustle with lots of busy people moving around inside. However, what I actually found at this time was just Zoey and her daughter who had everything beautifully under control. Their home was warm and inviting and as the team began to arrive, Zoey was able to drop what she was doing to open the door and make time to welcome them in. I liked this super calm bride approach as it set the tone for a lovely relaxed day that the bridal party and all the guests enjoyed. The excitement was definitely there and it was infectious, but with so many people under one roof they managed to get everything done with a cool head. Someone once told me that wedding guests only want for the bride and groom to have a brilliant day so they take their lead from the couple. If the couple seem to be enjoying themselves then the guests can take that as their cue to relax too and everyone has a fun day.

It always amazes me how in the space of a couple of hours, a house full of people in casual wear will gradually evolve into a home full of glamour, as one by one, everyone’s look is completed and it all comes together. Zoey wore a stunning strapless fishtail gown which had some sparkle detail to complement the tiara and earrings she was wearing. This was finished off with a very special beautiful necklace that had belonged to Zoey’s grandmother. As I set off for the church, I left behind the 3 younger bridesmaids who were upstairs, giggling and chatting as they created their own handmade confetti and planned who they would be coming down the aisle with. It was such a big day for them too; I was so pleased to see them enjoying every second of it.

With David’s busy work schedule, I’d not managed to meet him face to face before today, so he decided to play a little prank on me which could easily have worked! “Ah so you must be David, lovely to meet you, I’ve heard lots about you” I say. David then tells me that I’ve made a bit of a mistake and he’s actually the Best Man and he hurries off to fetch the real groom! I will admit I had a slight moment of panic as the chap he presented before me didn’t look anything like the person I’d just seen in the family photos in Zoey’s home. To my relief the real Best Man took pity on the poor photographer and put me out of my misery. This must be a running theme amongst the gents in this family as the ushers also joked about which ones were (and more importantly were not) Zoey’s brothers. I was going to have to keep my wits about me with this lot!

Zoey and David are a big part of their community at The All Nations Church in Brickhill, Bedford so the church was absolutely packed full of faces, people there to support this couple in making their commitment to each other. I love my job as every wedding is totally different and you get to experience many micro snippets of the couple’s personalities that they express through the details of their day. In this case, Zoey and David had their hymns accompanied by a band made up of musicians from members of their church. This really brought the words to life and even David himself played the drums for one of the songs, with his dad on keyboard and vocals. Such a talented family, it was the first time I’ve seen a groom contribute to the service in this personal way before.

After the service we got some great group shots outside the church. With such a huge amount of people attending, I had to take the shots from some height to get everyone in, which at 6 months pregnant was impossible to do with much grace! I had some impromptu helpers from the congregation there, helping me up and down stools who seemed ready to catch me should I miss my footing, for which I was very grateful! When I meet with couples before their wedding, I usually ask for an idea of the group shots they would like and the name of someone who I can call upon to try and help round up the relevant people. It’s generally quite an informal task but I feel I should pay credit to David’s best man Gaetano, who executed the smoothest operation of ushering people to and from the camera that I’ve experienced. Definitely missed his calling in life I think 😉 With some assistance from Zoey’s brothers also, we wrapped up the group shots and I was able to sneak away with Zoey and David for a little excursion.

David and Zoey were first introduced in Bedford Park, so we decided to take a detour there in order to get some time with the couple to take some shots of them together. If you haven’t been, Bedford park is a beautiful old Victorian park with lots of tall trees, traditional bandstand, a full size cricket pitch and a huge lake which served as a stunning backdrop to some of the images. Zoey is a school teacher so it stands to reason that if you hang out in a park on a Saturday afternoon, especially if you are wearing a stunning white gown, you are more than likely going to bump into a few of your pupils. It was sweet to see the children’s faces when they saw Zoey out of the classroom and sparkling with her new husband.

We rejoined the rest of the wedding party for their reception at Bellinis Restaurant in Clapham, Beds. Surrounded by Zoey and David’s black and red decorations, the room setting was very romantic. The speeches were excellent and I still think with a bit of practice, there’s time for David to make it into the Backstreet Boys yet! The evening played out with much fun and laughter, with the DJ managing to coax pretty much the entire party to the dance floor for The Macarena, which is no mean feat. He played some fantastic tunes throughout the night and kept the party moving for hours.

This wedding was lovely to capture. It is clear that both Zoey and David are integral members of their family and their community, with so many friends who had wanted to chip in to help from creating hair dos to making that amazing cake. I wish you both an amazing future together. xx

Rachel And Adam

I hadn’t seen Rachel for many years when I caught up with her for her pre-wedding shoot with fiancé Adam.  I remembered her from our many years of dancing clubs on a Saturday morning as children.  Tall, confident, graceful and with a big smile, Rachel and her twin sister made perfect ballerinas.  Im sure we all thought we were amazing but actually it was just a lot of fun, and I look back on that period of my childhood with a warm fuzzy feeling.  Life moves on and now its me taking my children to their ever changing list of hobbies, years may go by without me bumping into anyone from our old dance classes but I still love to hear updates on what everyone is up to.

As a lover of weddings, I was absolutely thrilled for Rachel and Adam when I heard they had got engaged and were planning their special day already…. and even more excited when Rachel got in touch for her wedding photography!

During a windy start to the season, Rachel and Adam had their pre-wedding shoot in Stony Stratford.  Rachel hadn’t changed a bit and it was great to meet Adam and hear their funny story of how they met.

Rachel got ready for her wedding at home with her mum and bridesmaids by her side.  The house was busy with hairdressers and Krista Pressland the make up artist, but with everything in hand, the atmosphere was actually calm and happy with the ipod playing some great tunes in the background through out.  Rachel’s dad arrived along with the pretty flower girls, little faces, hoping to sneak a peek at Rachel before they headed off to meet Adam at the venue.

Rachel’s dress suited her perfectly, beautiful detail all around the full skirt made the dress eye-catching from all angles.

I caught up with Adam at Chicheley Hall as guests were arriving and taking their seats.  There was quite a buzz of excitement for what turned out to be a touching entrance down a grand staircase and a lovely ceremony.

The room was finished with lovely details from Style Your Day Event Services which brought the room alive and set the scene for a great day.  Some of the tender words from the speech that Rachel’s dad gave were truly from the heart and have stuck with me since.  Clearly a very strong father-daughter bond and for a moment there I was struggling to see through my lens.  Ahem, must have been my hay fever 😉

When you get married in the Spring, you can never bank on the weather doing as you hope but for Rachel and Adam we couldn’t have been more lucky.  Chicheley Hall has some wonderful gardens and we were able to get out and capture some beautiful shots of them together.  We wrapped up their shoot as the sun came down and Rachel and Adam shared their first dance with their guests as a live band played an adapted version of Starships by Nicki Minaj.

A lovely Spring wedding that was, as usual, a pleasure to capture.