Unique Opportunity To Have Your Homebirth Captured

With wedding season in full swing it seems hard to imagine life on the other side.  I probably shouldn’t play favourites but I do find photographing weddings a unique buzz.  I adore being with the bride in the morning as her butterflies begin to build, I love watching the groom take deep breaths as he senses his bride is coming down the aisle to meet him, I take great joy in seeing the emotion from all the friends and family that are there wishing all the love and support to the happy couple.  You get the best view in the house, so up, close and personal to the couple throughout the day that you live and breath their wedding with them, but with that comes a unique and humbling responsibly to not miss a thing and handle every moment that arises with dignity and discretion.  You have to document the day but not influence it too much.  You have to be there to tell groom if he has something in his teeth but also know when to stay quiet and let the moment sit.   From September I’m going to be entering a special time in my life.  My youngest daughter will start school for the first time and 2 months later, I should be welcoming a new bundle of joy into my arms.  This leaves me with just 2 short months where my diary will be a lot more free than usual.  I will still be taking on bookings until my due date but I will probably not take on any additional weddings from October, ‘just in case’ baby decided to arrive early.   I was trying to think about how I could put those 2 months to good use and still get some of that ‘buzz’ of capturing such a very special event as it unfolds. Recording, observing but not influencing. So this is what I’ve come up with….   I would like to photograph a home birth!  This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do but never been able to commit to due to work or children commitments. Now seems like the perfect opportunity to fulfil this ambition and hopefully give a couple of yummy mummies the gift of having their birth documented and some images to look back on and enjoy for a lifetime.  I’m actually pretty jealous because this is exactly what I would like for my upcoming birth, but as much as I like to multitask,  I think photographing my own birth is a little beyond me.  So I will have to photograph some of yours instead!

What you would get:

  • Totally free of charge photography of your birth in your own home between 15th September 2014 & 5th November 2014
  • Im going to provisionally offer 2 spaces as I think I could achieve this in the timescale (conditions apply started below)
  • I would aim to stay throughout the labour and for a short while after the baby arrives to capture the actual birth, some images of the new baby, and some with mum and any birth partners.
  • Discreet and tactful service, with a high standard of professionalism maintained at all times.
  • The services of a photographer that absolutely LOVES her job and finds beauty or interest in pretty much all moments of life.
  • I would not use or share any images without your prior consent.
  • Images on a disk within 2 weeks of the birth, free for you to use and share as you wish.


The Conditions:

We all know that babies can be unpredictable so there would need to be a few conditions.

  • The homebirth would need to be within 5 miles of the Bedford and Milton Keynes area to ensure that I could get to you within a reasonable time.
  • No compensation would be made if I didn’t make it to the birth in time or was caught up attending another homebirth at the same time.
  • No guarantee that I would be able to continue to photograph the birth in the case of complications or a change of plan resulting in the delivery being transferred to the hospital.
  • No compensation can be made should the midwife or caregiver refuse to allow photography on the day or suspend the photography at any time during the birth.
  • No guarantee of fulfilling specific shots or a set quantity of images will be given, as the primary objective is to maintain the standards needed for a healthy labour and birth.
  • I would like to use a small selection of the images for my portfolio.  For this, I would seek individual permission for each image that I have selected prior to using and only use photographs that you were entirely happy for me to share.
  • Your baby would need to arrive between September 15th and 5th November 2014.  I cannot guarantee that I will attend any delivery that is either side of this timeframe.

So that’s it.  If you think you might be interested, or know anyone who might like to get onboard, please share this with them.  I look forward to some bouncing babies being born very soon!

Sara’s Baby Shower

With rumours circling about the arrival of little Louis, it brought back memories of the last time I saw Sara.  It was at the baby shower her best friends had organised for her.  What made this event bit special for me was that not only was it MY first baby shower, it was also Sara’s first baby shower.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be centre stage at something despite not really knowing what to expect.  I wonder if it was anything like photographing a baby shower without having previously attended one either ;-).

Baby showers are more common place in the USA as an opportunity for expectant mums to have a little celebration with their friends before their baby arrives. In the UK, we are only just catching on to this so I think initially, when Sara’s friends were convincing her to let them organise this do for her, she was a little apprehensive about what it would involve. However, once Sara saw all the effort and kindness her best pals were putting into making her shower a bit special, she quickly came round and began to relax in the trust that we would all enjoy ourselves on the day.

Nappy cakes, baby icecubes, personalised cupcakes and some party games with an interesting twist, everyone had a good time.  I even put the camera down and managed to win one of the games, which resulted in a nice box of choccies 😉

At the end of the shower Sara opened some of the pressies her girlfriends had brought for her and her baby boy.  I think this was my favourite part of the day.  Seeing all those baby things laid out around us, was an exciting reminder of the impending tiny baby that  would soon be in Sara and Stuarts arms.  It all suddenly felt very real!  Awwww

If the effort put into Sara’s baby shower is anything to go by, I have no doubt she will have some fantastic support (and surrogate aunties) on hand for babysitting duties in the very near future.

Congratulations Sara, Stu and the boys on your new baby brother, I shall be seeing you real soon xx

Melody’s Birthday Celebrations

I met Melody while she was planning her big birthday bash.  You only turn 25 once and it is a great milestone to celebrate.  For this special event, Melody’s boyfriend had designed her a stunning pink and gold African outfit as a special gift to her, while all the other guests arrived in white and gold to compliment the scheme. Melody had made cupcakes, her boyfriend had created some special punch in personalised bottles for Melody.  The apartment was decorated, there was a makeup artist and DJ on hand alongside a chocolate fountain and a huge spread of mouthwatering home cooked food which made this a memorable party. Amongst the guests of friends and family was Melody’s little niece.  The cutest of little 4 year olds who also happened to have her birthday on the same day as Melody’s.  Such a great little dancer, it made sense then that she should be able to come and party with the big kids! The celebrations were a great hit and at the time in the evening when other parties might be coming to an end, Melody and her friends headed off to London on a privately hired coach to party until the small hours. Happy Birthday Melody xx

Finley & Maggie – A Cute Couple With A Difference

When you photograph any couple, you get to see a connection.  The way they share each other’s personal space, how they look at each other when they are together, the trust they place in each other.  Its difficult to say what that little spark between two companions actually is, but it something very special, and unmistakable when you see it.  My job is to get it in the frame!

Finley and Maggie were no different in their relationship.  Finley’s mum asked me to take some photos of her son with his best friend Maggie as a Christmas present for him. The two spend so much time together, and it recently occurred to Finley they he didn’t have a single photo of himself with his beloved four legged friend.  Time to put that right!

The photoshoot was a lot of fun all round. I love shooting outdoors in all seasons but Autumn brings a certain beauty with the low sun and orange leaves on the ground.  The fresh and open spaces allowed Finley to be himself and interact with Maggie in a natural way that had no limits.  It was great exercise for myself too, as I tried to keep up with the pace of an 11 year old boy and a dog that was full of beans.   Finley’s zest for fun and adventure had me in stitches many time during our time together.  Such a character.

I enjoyed this shoot so much that I began considering getting a dog of my own, until my husband reminded me that soon I will have my own 11 year old to contend with.  Maybe I’ll see how that goes first!


Notting Hill Carnival

I like coming to London so see all the sights, but I mostly enjoy capturing the scenes and people on the streets.  In the past I have gone there with the intention of taking some images and then not braving getting my beloved camera out of my bag through fear or losing or damaging it.  Silly, I guess.

This year I’ve invested in a different camera strap.  There are various types of these, mine is called a “Quick Rapid” I think, and it enables me to wear my camera like a handbag, so when I’m not snapping, it just conveniently hangs there, on my side.  I always keep the lens hood on the end to prevent any damage to the end of my lens as I brush through crowds.

The benefit of all this of course is that it keeps my hands free to have a firm grip on the kids while we jostle on and off the tubes!  Every year we say we want to go to Notting Hill Carnival but there has never been a perfect time.  Either the weather wasn’t right, perhaps we were on holiday or our kids were just too young and still in buggies or the midst of potty training.  I  have fond memories of going to Carnival with my dad when I was younger.  All the bright colours, the elaborate costumes and grand oversized floats, the hypnotising rhythms and the general party party atmosphere. This year, we really wanted to go for it…. So we did and it did not disappoint!