Melody’s Birthday Celebrations

I met Melody while she was planning her big birthday bash.  You only turn 25 once and it is a great milestone to celebrate.  For this special event, Melody’s boyfriend had designed her a stunning pink and gold African outfit as a special gift to her, while all the other guests arrived in white and gold to compliment the scheme. Melody had made cupcakes, her boyfriend had created some special punch in personalised bottles for Melody.  The apartment was decorated, there was a makeup artist and DJ on hand alongside a chocolate fountain and a huge spread of mouthwatering home cooked food which made this a memorable party. Amongst the guests of friends and family was Melody’s little niece.  The cutest of little 4 year olds who also happened to have her birthday on the same day as Melody’s.  Such a great little dancer, it made sense then that she should be able to come and party with the big kids! The celebrations were a great hit and at the time in the evening when other parties might be coming to an end, Melody and her friends headed off to London on a privately hired coach to party until the small hours. Happy Birthday Melody xx

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