Finley & Maggie – A Cute Couple With A Difference

When you photograph any couple, you get to see a connection.  The way they share each other’s personal space, how they look at each other when they are together, the trust they place in each other.  Its difficult to say what that little spark between two companions actually is, but it something very special, and unmistakable when you see it.  My job is to get it in the frame!

Finley and Maggie were no different in their relationship.  Finley’s mum asked me to take some photos of her son with his best friend Maggie as a Christmas present for him. The two spend so much time together, and it recently occurred to Finley they he didn’t have a single photo of himself with his beloved four legged friend.  Time to put that right!

The photoshoot was a lot of fun all round. I love shooting outdoors in all seasons but Autumn brings a certain beauty with the low sun and orange leaves on the ground.  The fresh and open spaces allowed Finley to be himself and interact with Maggie in a natural way that had no limits.  It was great exercise for myself too, as I tried to keep up with the pace of an 11 year old boy and a dog that was full of beans.   Finley’s zest for fun and adventure had me in stitches many time during our time together.  Such a character.

I enjoyed this shoot so much that I began considering getting a dog of my own, until my husband reminded me that soon I will have my own 11 year old to contend with.  Maybe I’ll see how that goes first!


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