Notting Hill Carnival

I like coming to London so see all the sights, but I mostly enjoy capturing the scenes and people on the streets.  In the past I have gone there with the intention of taking some images and then not braving getting my beloved camera out of my bag through fear or losing or damaging it.  Silly, I guess.

This year I’ve invested in a different camera strap.  There are various types of these, mine is called a “Quick Rapid” I think, and it enables me to wear my camera like a handbag, so when I’m not snapping, it just conveniently hangs there, on my side.  I always keep the lens hood on the end to prevent any damage to the end of my lens as I brush through crowds.

The benefit of all this of course is that it keeps my hands free to have a firm grip on the kids while we jostle on and off the tubes!  Every year we say we want to go to Notting Hill Carnival but there has never been a perfect time.  Either the weather wasn’t right, perhaps we were on holiday or our kids were just too young and still in buggies or the midst of potty training.  I  have fond memories of going to Carnival with my dad when I was younger.  All the bright colours, the elaborate costumes and grand oversized floats, the hypnotising rhythms and the general party party atmosphere. This year, we really wanted to go for it…. So we did and it did not disappoint!

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