Jemma and Chris

One of my favourite events to photograph are weddings.  You get to spend such a lot of time with the couple and their family that you quickly build up a rapport with them and begin to feel relaxed in each others company.  There is something very special about covering all aspects of the day, the journey from PJs to Princess to Party.  I feel pleased that I am collecting images that they will enjoy for a long time after their wedding day is over.

Jemma & Chris’ wedding was at The Parkside Hotel in Woughton on the Green.  After being promised massive rainstorms all week I’d hatched a ‘Wet Plan’ for the photos.  Jemma’s bridesmaid’s prayers must have been answered because it turned out to be a glorious sunny day and we were able to get outside for some shots in the pretty surroundings.

Although it was a 2pm service, Jemma began her bridal preparations at 9am.  This meant I was able to get a lot of images of her getting ready before dashing off to Chris’ parents’ house to capture him completing all those finishing touches.  It is such a privilege to be able to show a bride and groom the ‘other side’ of how the morning carried out before they were reunited at the service.

Jemma and Chris had called in a lot of skills from their friends and family to make their day very personal to them.  From the funky flat shoes, the cake, the hairstyling, to the table centres, it was clear that a lot of effort had been put in to make a day that was uniquely theirs.

The couple decided they didn’t want to open the dance floor with a slow dance so Jemma quickly got things started Gangnam Style.

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